ANNOUNCEMENT: Welcome visitor to my portfolio website -- Here I'll be adding some of my personal coding and hardware projects for observation and reuse by anyone who might find them interesting and/or useful. As of writing (10/02/2019) I'm still designing the mechanism by which the projects will be displayed, likely via a web application, as many of the basic proof-of-concept language demonstrations (Hello World, etc.) are terminal based. -- In any case, I hope to have some functionality added within the next few weeks assuming my attention isn't too drawn elsewhere.

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Code Engine [Example]

Terminal Emulation




Enter Something

Code [C++]

#include <iostream>

#include <string>

using namespace std;

int main()


string input;

// create a new string with the id 'input'

input = "Enter Something";

// initialize 'input' with a value

cout << input;

// take the value of 'input' and print it as output

return 0;

// return a response to confirm success or failure